Understanding the Different Types of Patio Heaters

By Anthony Mills

Winter is here, and that means you need to bring out your outdoor heating devices so as to continue enjoying the outdoor. Although these types of heaters were once primarily used by restaurants and similar establishments, they are now widely seen in homes that have decks, patios, and outdoor gardens. These heating devices are extremely effective in warming up the air over a small area and allow you sit outside in comfort. Most patio heaters are capable of raising the temperature of its surroundings by upto 20 degrees. In this article, we’ll list the different types of patio heaters to help you with your next outdoor heater rental Dubai.

How Its Powered

Based on its power source, patio heaters are commonly classified into three – electric, propane, and natural gas patio heaters. As suggested by its name, electric patio heaters light up its surroundings by utilizing special bulbs that emit IR light. However, unless the light is shining directly on you, you are not likely to feel any heat from it. Gas powered heater, on the other hand, use flames to heat its surrounding. Propane heaters, in particular, are a popular choice among customers as they are highly portable and comes fitted with a refillable tank. Electric heaters, on the other hand, do have the benefit of being cheaper than its gas counterparts.

How Its Mounted

Based on how the equipment is mounted, patio heaters are primarily classified into three – free-standing, wall mounted, and table-top. For the best products and best pries against your outdoor heater rental requirements, visit rentaljoy.com.

Wall Mounted

This type of patio heater is the ideal choice for home or business owners that seek to heat up a small pace. As suggested by its name, these can be fitted onto walls and ceilings and can be done so with little to no hassle. These are available in gas and electric models, with the latter needing only little to no maintenance. The only downside with such patio heaters is that they do not generate as much heat as free-standing or standalone heaters.


As implied by its name, this type of heater is small enough to be seated on a table. These heaters are stylish when compared to its counterparts and are also easily portable. Most of the tabletop heaters currently available in the market are electrical, as such you can only operate it next to a power outlet.


This type patio heaters can rise upto 7 feet in height and comes with a wide cylindrical base that prevents it from falling down. It is the ideal choice if you wish to heat a large area and can be placed anywhere. These are available in both gas and electric models, so choose an option that best fits in with your requirements and budget.