Single Girder Overhead Crane

Top Five Material Handling Equipment to Increase Efficiency

By Anthony Mills

These Materials that help in the handling of tools and equipment were made and inputted to make work much easier for large companies and storage houses, things like the single girder overhead crane is an example of these equipment that are inputted to make movement of heavy load easy, the shipping and transportation of loads and goods becomes easier, the more productive it makes your company.

We are going to list down a few handling materials tools that help the efficiency of your company by boosting its work efficiency.

Pallet Jack

This is used in the transportation of materials that are stacked on pallets, they have two pointy ends like forks and that helps them in the raising and keeping of goods.


A rotating scoop and conveyor machine that scoops items that are usually small and puts them on a belt which they now transported to their right destination on the belt.


These are used for loading and unloading, they are mostly used in places like doorways and narrow aisles.

Grain Elevators

These are towers that have a bucket elevator which is used to scooped grain from lower levels by it and is then kept safely in its right storage destination.

Walkie Stackers

This is a stage higher than pallet Jack, basically the design is the same with a difference in the stacker, which is motorized, they are good for small scale movement and indoor moving of goods. All these can be gotten from a good material handling equipment supplier.