Six Reasons Why Grenada Is the Ideal CBI Program

Six Reasons Why Grenada Is the Ideal CBI Program

By Anthony Mills

The Grenada CBI program, resumed in 2013, is quickly making its way to becoming one of the quickest destinations to acquire dual passport. Individuals who want a more politically stable country with easy access to flying to any nation, then this the ideal solution. What started as a quick way of improving the economy has now become one of the most desirable island nations. Moreover, investors are offered two options to the program, along with minimal criteria, to obtain the second passport. In addition to their straightforward and rapid procedure, the country has several other benefits, such as flying to over 120 destinations without applying for visa, including China.

Limited Criteria for Applicants

They offer potential applicants the ease of applying for the Grenada citizenship by investment program by eliminating specific requirements that are present in other programs. For instance, you don’t have to learn the local language, allowing your application to process quickly without any barriers. Additionally, you don’t have to be a resident or visit the country to apply for it.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Permanent Residency

Once you gain the citizenship of Grenada, it’s going to be a permanent of your life. In simple terms, it protects you from any subsequent changes in the policy which would otherwise be an issue for you. You are safeguarded and are able to reap all the benefits that come along the way.

Quick Process

Grenada is amongst the few programs that allow applicants to obtain dual citizenship quickly and safely. So, if you are looking to secure dual citizenship immediately, this program will be ideal for you. The application is approved within two months and shortly after you are handed your passport.

Owner of A Dual Passport

Most countries don’t allow you to retain your existing country’s passport, therefor making it unfeasible for many. With a Grenadian passport, however, you can keep your current nation’s passport and be considered a Grenada citizen.

Owner of A Dual Passport

High Return on Investment

One of the key benefits of this program is that you get higher returns on your investment. Given that the tourism in the island nation is booming, your property will have good value. You just have to hold on to it for three years.

Ideal for Families

If you seek to offer an enhanced future for your family, the Grenada CBI program is ideal. It is one of the most cost-effective and quick routes to obtaining secondary citizenship for the whole family. Though with an additional fee, the benefits offered to make it worth the money spent.

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