Five Common Sports Injuries

By Anthony Mills

Sports is widely popular among individuals today, particularly because it offers a great way of staying fit and promises a great career as well. Having said that, injuries are pretty common in athletes who are physically active and have been exerting their bodies to push the boundaries of their physical limits. Even bodybuilders suffer from muscle damage due to improper form or excess stress. It is advisable to head to a private gym Dubai instead to prevent such injuries. In this article, we will list 5 common sports injuries.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow is very common in athletes who are consistently engaged activities that involve gripping weights. In this, the tendons that are in the forearm get swollen. This usually happens due to excessive stress. A lot of people who like lifting heavy weights for biceps curls suffer from it. This results in lack of strength in grip. Since this happens to inflammation of tendons, it is suggested that such individuals stop straining their forearms.



Sciatica can be quite painful. This is a back injury that happens in people who are regularly involved in activities that require them to bend their posture. This is why cyclists; golf players and tennis players often complain of a sharp pain originating in the back and traveling down to the leg. This happens due to a bulging nerve in the back. It is recommended to perform stretching exercises when this happens. If the issue persists, consult a physician.

Bone Dislocation

Working out regularly and running comes with its own set of minor disadvantages. You know joints are like hinges with a pivot and socket. Sometimes due to sudden jerks, a bone might get out of its socket, causing dislocation. This needs to be treated by an orthopedic because the bone needs to be fitted back in the socket.

Achilles Tendon Problem

There is a thin and inconspicuous tendon just behind the ankle of your feet. It is known as the Achilles tendon. Sometimes, due to excess stress, the tendon can get damaged. When this happens, you will experience sharp pain in walking. It becomes hard to stand and walk. You will need to apply an ice pack.


Hamstring Injury

Athletes should perform stretching before and after indulging in any rigorous exercises. In people who need to run a lot, a muscle in the back of the thigh can get pulled. This is known as hamstring strain. This results in sharp pain when walking. Luckily, this can be treated easily by applying ice and performing light stretching exercises.