Should I Buy or Hire A Car? The Better Option

Should I Buy or Hire A Car? The Better Option

By Anthony Mills

In the light of the debate over individuals hiring taxis as opposed to buying their car, we make a quick comparison to help drivers make an informed choice. We list out the pros of buying a car and the advantages of choosing a car hire in Dubai. While the results may not seem shocking for some, it will undoubtedly help with the decision-making process. Moreover, you are certainly going to enjoy additional savings on it.

Advantages of Renting A Vehicle

No Maintenance Expenses

When renting a car, more often than not, the car rental will have all your maintenance and service costs covered. The only thing you would be paying for during the rental period is fuel. It is a great way to rent a car of your choice, as you don’t have to worry about the expenses that would otherwise come with buying a car.

You Get to Drive in Different Cars

This benefit is considered to be the key reason why most drivers opt for renting a car. Once your rental period is complete, you can always choose to rent a different vehicle. In fact, during your rental period, you can ask for an upgrade to the existing car rental. This is great, especially for car enthusiasts, as you get to drive in different cars and not worry about any additional costs.

No Loan Approval

When renting a car, you can leave all your worries about getting your loan approved or having to pay significant interest, as car rentals tend to be more lenient, comparatively. It is due to the fact that if payments are not made, or you violate any terms, they will simply take back the car.

No Depreciation Worry

Given that you don’t own the car, the lowered depreciation value of the vehicle is going to be the least of your concerns. It is another great benefit of renting a car, as you don’t have to worry about getting a good return on investment.

No Selling Worries

Another added benefit of renting is you don’t have to be bothered about having to sell your car. Once the contract is complete, you have to only worry about returning the vehicle on time to avoid any surcharges.

No Down Payment

The car to rent a car is relatively lower than buying a car. That is mostly due to the low or zero down payment and no upfront sales tax. The amount paid per month is much lower than the amount you would have to pay to cover up your EMI.

Car Hire in Dubai

Benefits of Purchasing A Vehicle

Pay Less in The Long Run

While monthly rental payments are relatively lower, you can always build equity with every loan payment, which will help you in the future, if you decide to sell or trade it. Once you buy a vehicle and clear the installments, it becomes an excellent investment and a cheap way to own a car.

Choice to Resell

As the owner of the vehicle, you are free to sell the car, depending on your needs. This is especially crucial when you require some extra finance. Unlike with a car rental, you aren’t locked into a fixed ownership period.

Unlimited Mileage

Owning a vehicle allows you unlimited mileage, thereby allowing you to drive at your convenience. When you rent a car, there is a cap on the mileage limit, which if exceeded, will cost you high amounts.

Freedom to Customize

Unlike renting a car, when you own the vehicle, you have the freedom to upgrade as and how you want to, as you are not liable to anyone. Moreover, you don’t have to worry as much about minor scratches or dents. Sure, it is a worry, but not as much as it would be, had you rented the car.

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